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House sign

Grit blasted lettering into limestone with 24crt gold leaf

Slate house sign

Grit blasted house sign. Hand painted and polished

Sandstone house sign

Grit-blasted house sign with no painting of the lettering

Slate sign

Slate house sign. Grit-blasted and hand painted


Hand cut and painted house sign installed on recycled-plastic posts


Hand carved house sign with black painted lettering


Welsh-slate hand carved sign with white painted lettering and hidden fixings


Hand cut lettering and painted

House sign

Hand cut letters in Welsh slate

Welsh-slate house sign

24 carat gold leaf hand cut letters

House sign

Finished house sign installed

Slate House Sign

Hand cut Old English typeface lettering

Slate House Sign

Hand cut lettering and painted

Granite sign

Hand carved lettering in granite

Finished sign

Granite sign finished with black lettering

House sign in Sandstone

Hand cut lettering

Finished house sign

Painted numerals in light grey and oiled to bring out the natural colour of the slate

House sign installed

Hidden fixings used to secure to the wall

Portland Limestone

Hand carved house sign

Detail of edge

Chamfered edge detail on house sign

Finished Sign

Hand cut house sign with black painted numerals

Hand cutting the lettering

Portland Limestone - Roach bed

Finished and installed

Footpath sign

Finished sign

Slate sign

Finished sign

Hand cut lettering painted letters

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